Is iClimb Tree Service licensed and insured?

Yes, our tree company is fully licensed and insured.

My tree's health seems to be in decline. How do I decide whether to prune it or remove it?

If your tree is over 30% dead, it may be time for tree removal. We serve Lebanon Junction, Mount Washington, and the surrounding area and we recommend that we come and assess your tree to decide if it needs to be removed.

What's the best time of year to prune my trees?

The fall is the best time for tree pruning services in the Lebanon Junction and Mount Washington, KY area.

What happens to the tree debris once it leaves my property?

After tree removal or tree trimming, we remove the debris. Most of the wood chips are used in compost or trails. The wood is split and sold.

My tree was written up by the city for code violations. Do you know how to bring my tree up to city code?

Yes, iClimb Tree Services has done many city cites. Contact our tree company today if your tree was written up for code violations.